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Butterfly Lilies invites you to find

deeper, authentic intimacy.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus wanted baby Hercules to drink the milk of Hera, his wife. Because Hercules was born of another woman, Hera disagreed. Zeus brought Hercules to Hera to drink her milk while she was sleeping, but she awoke and pushed him away. 

These fallen drops of milk grew into lilies.


Like the drops of milk transformed into lilies, our relationship with intimacy can transform and be reborn. With over 10 years of experience leading and guiding individuals through workshops focused on developing, exploring, and maintaining intimacy, these offerings will unearth and awaken the depths of your authentic expression of intimacy. 


Connection in rope (Shibari de no Kizuna) is a rope practice developed by Butterfly Lilies, inspired by Shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage. With 10 years of experience with Rope Bondage, The Butterfly Priestess blends the elements of energy exchange, movement, and embodiment to create a sacred container for intimacy exploration.

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Sacred Intimacy

Rope Guide

Invite Butterfly Lilies to your next spiritual gathering or retreat for a customized exploration of Connection in Rope. We will work to design a program that is divine and aligned with the intention of your needs.

Available for individual workshops, private lessons, retreats, gatherings, events, conferences, etc.

Divinely Connected

This session is to experience Connection in Rope with your partner(s). Butterfly Lilies will guide you and your partner(s) through a rope flow that will harness the energies of vulnerability, sensuality, and trust to explore a deeper connection.

Sessions will be virtually provided over the Zoom platform, In-person is available in the Central Texas area and open to travel that is compensated.

$222 for 90 min.


These sessions are designed as peer-to-peer support. Butterfly Lilies will provide guidance and education related to any intimate explorations of non-monogamy, queerness, navigating relationships, consent, and accountability. 

Sessions will be virtual and over Zoom.

Also available for large group events, workshops, and classes.

$33 for 30 min.

$66 for 60 min.



Butterfly Lilies is not a licensed mental health practitioner or medical professional. Please use your discernment went determining if offerings are right for you and seek the assistance of trusted medical and psychological providers if you have doubts about exploring offerings. Butterfly Lilies offerings are not intended to provide medical or psychological services, though clients may experience healing through offerings.
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