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Ignite the passion, deepen your bond, and create an authentic connection that resonates with your souls. Seize the opportunity to gift yourselves the magic of love with the Couples' Intimacy and Authentic Connection Human Design Reading Gift Card. â€ïžđŸ”„




🔼 Delve into an In-Depth Couple Analysis, exploring the unique dance of your Human Design charts and discovering how they beautifully complement each other.


💖 Strengthen the Bond: Uncover insights and strategies that go beyond the ordinary, deepening both your emotional and physical connection. It's a roadmap to not just love but a love that's rooted in authenticity.


🌟 Guided with Love: A certified Human Design Reader and guide will weave a personalized tapestry of insights, offering a Guided Experience designed to enhance the unique dynamics of your relationship.


💡 Shared Clarity: Gain clarity on your shared journey, communication styles, and shared aspirations – because understanding each other is the key to a thriving connection.


đŸȘ™ Gift of Love: More than just a gift card, it's the Gift of Connection – a perfect token to nourish your love and bring you even closer together.


đŸ”„ Set your love ablaze with the Couples' Authentic Connection Human Design Reading Gift Card – a passport to ignite the flames of passion and deepen the profound connection between you and your partner!

Couples Human Design Reading Gift Card

  • You will get a Zip File including 2 documents:

    One printable file that is 5.5 x 4.25" - perfect for you to print & pop into a card for your loved ones!

    One instruction file for booking your session, and providing the required birth data to create your chart. 

  • To book your reading: 

    Gather required birth data (Full birth name, birth date, birth time, birthplace) and please be as accurate as you can

    Send birth data AND proof of purchase (your order confirmation) to

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