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is defined as the growth that creates an independent being. It is the pinnacle point of integration, granting us the opportunity to apply the wisdom & expansion we have gained through the first stages of our cycle. This integration is essential to our journey, paving the way for our rebirth into a fresh expression of self. This growth lights the path of our evolution into our most authentic selves. 
I am here to guide you through this metamorphosis, to provide you the tools to fully tap into the knowing:
you are the light
you have been searching for. 
IMG_4604 2_edited.jpg

Change and transformation deserve to be
as a real and valid part of human existence.

I see the world through the eyes of a visionary. I experience the world through my emotions as an artist and I share my experience of the world with others through guiding as an entertainer.

My 4/6 profile line provides me with unique insights and gifts about how we relate to
one another. My strengths lie within my ability to model for others how we can all relate, and how to live in our most authentic expression of self alongside each other.

I was born and raised in Japan, living there for 11 years before moving to America. I grew up in a bicultural household and with my Father in the military, the ability to navigate change became one of my greatest gifts.  My whole existence has been about navigating change and learning how to evolve and grow through each of these transitions.

As my life unfolded, I fell into the cycle of comparing myself to others, so my journey began with much uncertainty about who I was, or what my path would be. 

IMG_8185 (2)_edited.jpg

The Entertainer archetype in me spent so much time performing the "roles" of my life that I forgot who I was at my core. I spent years as a 
people-pleaser, consistently showing up for others in the ways I thought they wanted me to. 

In turn, I did not honor my own energy & boundaries.

Given the 6 lines in my profile, I am meant to experience the world in 3 distinct phases.
Through this understanding, I have found my

deep connection to the butterfly archetype.

I very much experience caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly evolution. Not only over the course of my life but throughout each chapter of my life as well.

Leaning into my aura type as a projector
in alignment with my human design strategy

led me to the biggest shift
in my human existence.


I started my own consulting firm and transformed it into a 6-figure business within the first 6 months, currently on track to be a 7-figure business in the next year.

Making the choice to become an entrepreneur, to trust the Universe and my gifts have helped me tap into the most beautiful parts of being a butterfly


I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with you and to walk hand-in-hand with you through your transformation. My background in the nonprofit and education sector has only fortified my ability to guide and support others. My background in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work has given me the opportunity to explore
deep relationship building and how to mobilize communities to work towards a
collective good. Being biracial has given me the gift o
f a holistic understanding of the complexities of duality & navigating being
authentic in multiple environments.

Ready to SHINE together?


Certified Human Design Reader & Guide
Certified through the Human Design Academy

Bachelor's Degree in Education

Master's in Nonprofit Leadership & Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

DEI Leaders Certification

Comprehensive Sex Education Facilitator & Teacher

Trained Facilitator in Accountability & Consent

Pursuing Certification as a Sex Coach

are saying:

What These
Beautiful Butterflies

”From the very moment I reached out to Sage, I felt a connection that was both personal and profound. Navigating the world of human design can be complex, but the guidance I received during my chart reading was enlightening, making the intricacies accessible and easy to understand. The accuracy with which my reading was presented left me astounded. It was as if the Butterfly Priestess could read my mind, tapping into nuances of my personality and life journey that I hadn’t fully recognized or articulated myself. It was a transformative experience, a mirror held up to my soul that illuminated aspects of myself that had been hidden in shadows. But beyond the depth of knowledge and expertise displayed, what truly sets Butterfly Priestess apart is the genuine warmth and heartfelt connection they bring to each session. I felt seen, heard, and understood in ways that are rare in today’s fast-paced world. For anyone looking to gain insight into their human design, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, I cannot recommend Butterfly Priestess enough. The reading is more than just information; it’s a journey into the soul, a gentle guiding hand leading you toward a deeper understanding of your unique essence and energy.”


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